Wedding Traditions in The World

Wedding Traditions – Throughout history, there have been similarities in the traditions of marriage and the marriage habits of people all over the world, but each person’s nationality also seems to have their way of uniting a man and a woman. The only thing that seems to be all marriage ceremonies have in common is the commitment of love and devotion all the time and throughout eternity during public ceremonies.

wedding traditions

Everyone at the wedding awaits a productive and happy marriage among engaged couples. The marriage tradition is usually a way to show signs of the highest hopes of happiness. Some of these traditions are very interesting.

In the United States, the favorite tradition is the best man to auction the league rather than playing it. The best men wear hats at the front desk and guests place dollars. Someone acts as an auctioneer to count money, and after a certain period of time, the best people give a link to the last person to put money in a hat.

In Sweden, traditional brides will wear three rings at the end of the ceremony. The first is the engagement ring with which he enters the ceremony. The second, the agreement, increases the first. But the last group was also added. This group is known as the “Maternity Group”. This is said to indicate the hope that marriage is more than love, it’s about building a family.

Wedding traditions in the Philippines include Pandango, a dance that can last for hours. During Pandango, guests put money into a wedding dress to pay for their honeymoon.

A traditional Irish bride can wear a blue-blue wedding dress to be a lucky color. British lavender is often mixed with your wedding flowers. It is traditional for the bride to braid her hair as a sacred means to maintain her feminine power and bring luck to newly married couples.

In Mexico, the marriage tradition requires that a white ribbon or rosary be placed around the neck of a newly married couple, symbolizing the union of two souls.

The marriage tradition in Egypt – just before the wedding vows were put in place – there was a musical wedding march called Zaffa. There are traditional Egyptian music, belly dancers, drum horns, and fire sword artists. Many Egyptians believe that ring fingers have “amorous veins”, the arteries of love, which go directly to the heart.

In ancient civilizations in the Middle East, sandals (walking is the main means of transportation) were exchanged as a sign of good faith every time a compromise was made. Today, this tradition has disappeared in all marriages, except when it comes to attaching shoes to the newlywed honeymoon bumper stickers. Read also beach wedding dress

There are many wedding traditions in the world that may be different from what you normally do, but if you are planning a wedding, you might be interested in including some of these traditions into your own marriage.

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