Volkswagen Polo 2018 review – do you really need a Golf?

let’s say you are thinking about buying a Volkswagen Golf you might also consider Ford Focus or Vauxhall Astra but actually think the biggest competitor for golf is this Volkswagen. The new Polo was like a rivalry between siblings who had gone crazy with the first Polo going on sale in the mid-seventies and over the past five generations had sold more than 14 million units worldwide. this is the 6th generation version of the Volkswagen Polo I will talk around the design now so having a new Volkswagen design language that involves a lot of wrinkles is like they have a special wrinkle and they just got crazy with it in this car. because of that the fat wrinkles creases everywhere and then there are other things so for example this person is a High Line to be a version posture so you get a nice chrome piece from the trim if you want you can get a car with all the LED headlights.

They replace the top-end XENON from the previous generation Polo now you can get in 14 diff no color this one is called energetic orange. yes right if you don’t like it don’t worry there are 13 other people to choose from this car gets a contrasting black roof now the new Polo is only available as a five door no three door version again there is one thing that I noticed here even though this is a modern car it has ancient drum brakes behind the front disk, so you can think of them as like Spotify. this is good like vinyl now some people prefer vinyl than digital music and it’s the same as drum brakes they like brake drums on the back cuz it allows you to do handbrake. it turns out that it’s easy, it’s really important now, not so behind, you can get a car with LED tail lights and everything looks very smart and neat. You can get a car in an online version that has sportier trinkets like a larger roof spoiler and of course there will be the right version of GTI too

Now this polo starts at 13 and a half thousand pounds and actually when you see monthly payments on PCP it will be very similar per month because some like Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa now if you click there you can get a loco dot uk ‘car you can build ideal for your car in line then you will get five top offs we return from big dealers in 24 hours. so you can only compare offers and just see what you can get this car for new polo is much bigger than the old law in fact it is bigger than golf from the beginning of noughties at all but long now. I always thought Polo was a small car but this new one didn’t feel like it here behind it was much bigger than before actually. I think there is quite a lot of the same amount of space that he gets the back of golf in fact the boots are almost the same size as golf and I will show them now by climbing childish so that most of the space you have is actually very amazing . I only take demonstrations so the boot space is more than you get with the Ford Focus, the plain equipment list is also bigger than Ford because it’s almost the same as golf and that includes the latest safety kit for cars available with blind spot monitoring so when the vehicle enters the blind your spot.

If you watch you will see you get a little warning light popping up there in the wing mirror so you accidentally leave it like that You are sure that what I did was also equipped with automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection and then there was cruise control so the old Polo had a cruise control but this one has active cruise control. so after you set the speed you want so let’s go quickly. You can use this other button to keep a safe distance from the car in front. if you decide that you get a little too close it will automatically brake the car so there we go spray keeping a safe distance from it and I can change the distance with this button. here now if you have the omatic version aut of this polo it will actually break the card to a total traffic jam if you are in stop-start traffic so you don’t really have to do it in the car. we will only control it for you and it’s quite amazing for a car to be able to do that when there is still a manual handbrake that we all know has a good manual handbrake for obvious reasons. ah unfortunately you can’t change the electronic stability control off so you can’t do the right handbrake but what you can do.

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