Understanding Broadcasts and Streams

The upper top and that’s a really cool thing about obs is that it’s pretty good at detecting what your screen dimensions are in general so if you do hit drop them in you lucky just showed you guys the first option at the top is most likely what your screen resolution already is anyways moving up from that we have the output scale resolution and this is essentially the resolution that you’re gonna be wanting to stream at or record at early whatever we’re talking about now i really don’t recommend trying to push a 1080p stream as you guys concede we could do that if we select 1920 by 1080 it honestly i wouldn’t try pushing a 1080p stream unless i was positive that my computer and internet speeds are really good i usually just be my 900p because it looks way better than 720p and it’s the closest that I’ll get to 1080p without pushing my limits too hard and to do that all you really have to do is just make your output scale resolution 1600 x 900 and this is something that you’re most likely gonna have to type in manually if you don’t a stream at 900 p now if i’m being honest with you guys i feel that most people watching this video are gonna end up doing 720p streams anyway and that’s really what most people do on twitch just in general so don’t feel bad if you have to do 720p instead of 900 p or 1080 p just because your computer can’t handle it most people do 720p and it’s perfectly viewable and there’s nothing wrong with an at all so to do that just go ahead and click the drop down menu and select the one like.

We talked about the one that ends with 720p after the x so x 720p which in total is gonna be 1280 x 720 so for my downscale filter i usually just leave it at the highest one as you guys can see right here and then for my comment f ks values i usually stream at 60fps but i do know that it can cause some strain on some pcs so in case that’s the case and you’re starting to see the middle age when you’re playing and streaming at 60fps maybe you try turning it down to 30fps but i wouldn’t do anything in the middle or anything below 30 because that’s just kind of weird but anyways from there just gonna click on apply click ok and you should be good to go and once you actually apply after messing with the output tab you nobs then you might have

Like play around at the scene some more but honestly you probably do that anyway because you want to make sure that your scene does look perfect before you start streaming on twitch but anyways once you do have your scene setup and matches like your preferences just go ahead an click on the start streaming button right here it’s gonna be at the top of the bottom right and once you do that you should be streaming on tv2 Malaysia now I’m not gonna be doing that because i don’t want a bunch of random people showing up to my 5 to 10 second test stream and literally to sees nothing the screen but anyways you guys get the point but once you are streaming on twitch if you do go back to your dashboard you guys are gonna see that it’s gonna update and start actually showing you guys like stream health after a couple of seconds there’s gonna be like a little like bar graph or you guys like your upload speed looks like your stream quality and stuff like that it’s actually really cool you didn’t see your stream

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