Tips to Help You Get High Score in IELTS Reading Test

IELTS Reading  – There are many people think that reading section is the hardest section of IELTS exam. They think that it is harder than other parts like speaking, listening and writing sections. It is also true that you have to work fast and reading requires much concentration. Of course, you have to still focus to find out the best answers for many questions. There are some ielts reading tips that you can try to get better in the reading section.

Things to know about IELTS Reading

IELTS Reading  – The reading section has three sections means that you have to read three different texts. There are some questions for each section and you get 60 minutes to read that texts and answer all of the questions, you might already see some reading tests and noted that some of the questions look similar in many things on what they ask you to do. There are some main questions that you find in the reading tests, such as true/ false/ not give questions, fap filling task, matching tasks, multiple choice questions, the classification task, complete the sentence, short answer, chart or table.

Here some tips to score high in reading test

Use the time for your benefit

There are many candidates waste a lot of their time by writing their answers in the booklet first, then change them into the answer sheets. And many candidates said that they did not have enough time to change all of their answers into their answer sheets. So, it is highly recommended to fill up your answer sheet as you go, not in the end section. Then you can get a booklet in front of you so that you can read a text and answer questions comfortably. Also, you can keep the answer sheet in handy space so that you can write down all the answers along as you progress with the test. Then you can leave difficult questions at the end. If you spend much time in questions that you considered difficult, then you will waste your precious time.

Read the task carefully to make you understand

Anytime you start to do the task, ensure that you read the instruction carefully. Most of the tasks look the same, thus you should understand them at first sight after you perform some practices before. However, there are some details that you should know. For example, in a true/ false question, if you choose “true”, then the whole sentence should be true. There are some tricky questions which all of the details were true. Some of them are false as well.

Improving your scanning ability

Scanning is the reading method that allows you to find out information quicker. When scanning, you just no longer read anything word by word. Then you have to move your eyes smoothly. You do not stop to read the detail and you do not waste your time with the unnecessary information. This is a great method to understand the main ideas of the text and finding the information that you want to read in a more detailed way.

Stay cool with unfamiliar vocabularies

You should not be panic if you meet with unknown words. Even the native speakers do not understand each word in every text that they read and this does not matter because those words were not crucial. You are not allowed to bring a dictionary during the test, however, it should not be a problem at all. You will spend much time in a test by finding each word that you do not understand. Even when you practicing or taking IELTS test, then do not use a dictionary. Making yourself finish all of the reading practice first, then you can find them after it and get the best ielts material.

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