The Myths and Facts about IELTS

In some previous articles have explained more about what the IELTS is, the kinds of test, IELTS material, and the others. However, for those of you who want to take an IELTS test, this article will be very useful. Besides knowing the tips like IELTS reading tips or the others, you need to know everything about IELTS Because a lot of news or news about IELTS is actually misleading and raises excessive concern for IELTS fighters. So that you don’t get stuck with that, so read carefully the following article!

The Myths of IELTS
Reportedly, IELTS is more difficult than other English tests
In fact, IELTS is no more difficult than other English tests. Depends on personal more precisely, IELTS is usually considered more challenging because it assesses 4 language skills in full: IELTS Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. The type of problem is also very varied, in the form of multiple choices, matching, fill in the blank, to essays. So yes, it does require more thorough preparation.
IELTS tests differ in each country
So according to unclear news, IELTS tests for one country are different from other countries. For example, you want to go to the UK, then the IELTS test will have a different impression from your friends who go to NZ for example. In fact, the fact is that IELTS TESTS have been standardized throughout the world.

In some test places, you can get better grades compared to other test places
Have heard of stories from some of your friends, or suggestions such as “If you want an IELTS test, it’s better here, the value is bigger, it’s already easier to test”. Even though, IELTS quality standardization is guaranteed around the test place. IELTS Officials use many ways to ensure quality standardization in all test locations.
Do you know, someone can only have an IELTS test up to 3 times
This is clearly misleading news. The truth is, we can take as many IELTS as we want, but there are conditions. The requirement is to wait 3 months before the next IELTS test (at the same institution). This is a minimum period that is considered sufficient to correct the value in the previous period test. J So, just how many times do you want to take the IELTS test. Just thinking about the cost of the test alone,

You can use an IELTS score for a lifetime
Language skills, if it’s not used constantly it won’t last. Therefore, IELTS pioneers already understand this, and they make a limit that the IELTS score is only valid for 2 years! after 2 years, you need to take the IELTS test again to prove your ability.

The Facts of IELTS
1. IELTS is implemented to measure English language proficiency for people who do not use English as an introduction to everyday speaking.
2. In the past year, according to data from the IELTS USA page, two million IELTS tests have been carried out in more than 130 countries in the world.
3. There are approximately 3,000 institutions and programs that accept IELTS in the United States (US).
4. There are 900 IELTS test centers spread throughout the world. Visit to find the nearest test center.
5. There are two versions of the test, namely IELTS academic and general training. Academic tests are used for higher education and professional registration. While general training for employee immigration needs.
Those are the explanations of some myths and facts about IELTS. The point is not to be quickly consumed and believe in oblique news especially if there is no clear source.

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