The Beginners Guide to Forex trading – Part 1

The very you have that i’ve been featured on IG TV i’ve been featured on for ex-factory technical forex investor web transifex drink Forex and the list goes on and on depending on when you’re watching this series the list might be even longer I might be featured on other TV shows on other websites so what is Forex let’s just dive right in so Forex is an abbreviation for foreign exchange foreign exchange being the foreign exchange market the market where currencies are traded so jadwal  tv

If you think of the stock market where stocks and shares are bought and sold the forex markets is the market where currencies are bought and sold so stock trader will go to a stock market and he might buy a load of Apple shares and he’s looking to make a profit on that investment your buy Apple shares and hopefully sell for a better price and a forex trader does just that Finisterra stocks and shares he or she is trading currencies so a trader may buy a load of euros or Australian dollars or US dollars Canadian dollars Japanese yen the list goes on and on and he or she’s looking to sell at a better price and to make a profit

And that’s a Forex trader very similar to a stock trader so Forex trader trades currencies on the foreign exchange market and that’s what I do day in day out five days a week from home i buy and sell currencies and I make money doing that so when his forex trading I just mentioned I trade Monday to Friday five days from home so the forex market is open 24 hours a day and it’s active 24 hours a day thankfully it is closed over the weekend so we do get a weekend but it’s open 24 hours a day which is different from stock markets so stock markets are generally open sort of office hours and those office hours are based on the local time of the exchange so

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