Restu Song, Melly Goeslaw: Initially Not for Syahrini

Musician Melly Goeslaw clarified the Restu song he created and is now the single released by Syahrini.

Through the upload of Syahrini and Reino Barack’s wedding photo on his Instagram account @melly_goeslaw on Wednesday (03/20/2019), Melly explained that the single was accidentally given to Syahrini.

Melly claimed to get inspiration from God when writing this song Restu.

“At that time, the song was for the original Sultan Agung movie sound track, but it was not used, then I gave it to Gita Gutawa and because the album was like kepending, I finally gave it to Inces without knowing what was going to happen in Inces life,” wrote Melly Goeslaw. Inces is the familiar name Syahrini.

According to Melly, from the beginning, when he created the song, since it was imagined as the soundtrack of the film to Gita Gutawa it was indeed entitled Restu.

“There has never been a change of title,” he said.

Melly Goeslaw explained, Restu’s song had been arranged by God until finally it was anchored to belong to Syahrini.

“Just like the song Counting the Day that I used to make and rejected right and left was finally taken by Krisdayanti, all of that has gone his way,” he said.

He admitted that he was confused when Citizens fussed about the #restu tag, which was always written by Syahrini and Reino Barack at each upload of their wedding photos and videos. Tagar’s blessing was questioned by Warganet because he was considered to be insinuating Luna Maya whose relationship with Reino Barack ran aground. Five months after breaking up, Reino Barack married Syahrini.

“I can’t make anything without inspiration from him. So please get angry at the most inspiring. Why does he not allow Sultan Agung to become an ost, why is the Gita pending single / album, why does it lead to Syahrini,” said Melly Goeslaw.

Syahrini himself then responded to this upload in the comments column. “Mellyku Tea is dear (jamaaaaaahhh) … Haturrr Nuhunnn For the Masterpiece of a Song That Is So Beautiful, Which Simultaneously Accompanying My Life in the Real World. I Love You So much Jamaaaaahhh. There is no need for RUDET and JAHAHAHHH TAHAAAANNNNN …. IYYAAA KHAAAAN.”

Apart from being released for commercial download lagu needs, Single Restu also became his wedding song with Reino Barack in Japan on February 27, 2019.

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