OBS Tutorial Series The Basics

Hello everybody welcome to my OBS studio tutorial series in these videos I’m going to talk about all of the things that I know about OBS so that you can get a good idea of how to use it and in this video specifically we’re going to go over the basic settings behind any broadcast but first let’s talk about why you should use OBS studio they used to be there were two pieces of software that just about every streamers use and it was either OBS classic which was free open source from the same area or it was xsplit which is not free there’s a lot more now I don’t really know a lot about tvmelayu

The other software available I haven’t heard much about them but OBS studio came out as a way to try and improve OBS classic which was it did the job it was kind of strict and when OBS studio first came out I wouldn’t have recommended it really because it was so lacking in features but at this point they have been working on it so hard and for such a long time they’ve been rolling those features in constantly even today there’s actually been a pretty substantial update and I’m looking at some new features right as I prepared to make this video it’s certainly come far

And I would recommend it for most people it will satisfy just about everything that you need in streaming software classic has been completely replaced by it and it’s still free still open source a lot of plugins for it it’s the way to go I would say and certainly if you’re using this video series you’re going to have to use it because I only know about OBS studio and it’s what I use myself and I can’t recommend it enough it certainly does the job so go ahead to OBS project comm download OBS studio you should be looking at this website here as soon as you get that installed and running you should be looking at something like this so you have a couple of things to note here first of all you have your display this is what is actually sent to

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