Live Streaming – Tutorial and Pro Gear

The monitor again you can just have one monitor you could just use any sort of literally any LCD that you have so you can use any other LCD monitor that you might already have you can hook it up to your ATM switcher and you’ll be able see what’s the signal you’re sending anyway so this is a I guess it it’s kind of my whole thing set up here as far as the video so as the audio I have here as you can see this little mixer there’s various ones this is one that I like it’s simple but it allows me to connect as you can see up here for microphones and those can be tv malaysia

If you know I can send for example phantom power to them so if I have like microphones like this one I have a studio microphone then this mic requires phantom power like most you know microphones so I can send phantom power through there and that’s on channel one that’s please give my audio and you can see here it’s showing me my levels here right right now while I’m talking and I can also adjust it here so I can go lower and now it’s completely muted there on the computer and here I can increase it and here’s my master level control so if I want to just consult the cut out all

The audio let’s say you know let’s see if something horrible happens here and people are swearing or something I can just go and you guys won’t be able to hear me this is just my ear headphone control because you can hook up my headphones and I usually use my audio technica ATM 50 X headphones great headphones and my headphone review I can talked about them a lot but anyways that’s what I use and then I have other video sources so a reo sources I have one which is going to be coming in from that computer which is where when somebody calls me on skype then I can control their audio independently and that’s what I like we you know and that’s

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