How To Use OBS Studio To Live Stream

If you don’t know how to get there just go to your video manager and then go to live streaming and then go to events so what we’re going to do is schedule an event click right there and you name it whatever you want I’m going to go to basic info and I’m going to set just private because I don’t want anybody to see this because it’s a test so I’m just going to name this one test and you can set the time you want i’ll just go for 12 a.m. Yeah that’s fine you can just type in there what you want really type go to customĀ

And then you can type a description this is just an add-on an extension I offer chrome that automatically gets me video titles that are you know related to mind so whatever you can also go to the Advanced Settings you can do whatever you want here it doesn’t really matter so I’m going to go ahead and create this event once you have everything you want just go ahead and create the event boom alrighty it’s going to wait for this to create take the next few seconds alrighty so if you’ve done it correctly it should bring you to this page you have info and settings which is the page we were pretty much just at and then you can go to a jest and settings so we’re going to mess with

The ingest in settings really quick that’s gonna be the first thing we do so the main camera you’re going to want to select that right the thumbnail you can choose whatever you want I don’t really have a set thumbnail for this by default it uses your banner I’m pretty sure so you’re going to want to go with basic ingestion and then when it says to select a bitrate you want to use the bitrate range that you use so for example I set my bitrate as you can see in OBS to 5,000 so I would go for 3000 to 6000 right here

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