How to register Smartfren card

Beginning in 2017, the government set a new policy related to the use of mobile phone numbers. For that, every user needs to register the number he/she will use.

Unlike the old way that can use false data, with this new policy each number must be registered with the data that is completely original, using NIK and family card number (KK).

This new provision also applies to users of Smartfren services. Every user of a SIM card service from Sinar Mas’s subsidiaries also needs to register themselves so that their mobile phone number can be used without any constraints.

There are three easy ways that users can use to register a Smartfren card, which now has also switched to the 4G LTE network. Some of these are as follows:

How to register Smartfren 4G LTE card Online

The first way that can be used to register a Smartfren card is registered through its website page directly. In this case, the user only needs to enter the Smartfren registration page and fill in the requested data.

Users will need to fill out Smartfren data number, NIK, verification data, KK number, email, and other phone numbers. Especially for the verification record, the user can choose the PUK (can be seen behind the card), Activation code (can be seen in the special box bundling with the device) or SMS.

If you have completed the form, make sure to read the terms and conditions and do not forget to check the section “I have read and agree to all terms & Conditions”. Then click the Advanced button.

How to register Smartfren 4G LTE with SMS

In addition to using the online method, users can also register a Smartfren 4G LTE card through the SMS system. This step is simpler than online because users only need to send an SMS to 4444 in NIK format # KK number #.

For example, NIK user is 123456787654321 and his KK number is 098765432123456, then the user just needs to write 123456787654321 # 098765432123456 # in the Messaging application and send it to 4444.

How to register Smartfren 4G LTE card in Smartfren Gallery

If from two ways above users have problems registering their Smartfren 4G LTE card, the user can contact the nearest Smartfren gallery in his city by carrying ID CARD and KK.

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