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Having a dream home is not easy, because so many factors to be aware of. You need to find a strategic location, customize the area of the building and the number of floors, to the interior design and architecture.

Design concept or style is so varied and can vary depending on the area of the building itself. When buying or building a dream house, make sure it suits your tastes.

The first thing you need to specify is the front-looking design (façade) and the home paint. Light-colored or monochrome home paints tend to give a broad impression. Then, as much as possible the natural elements of the house, either inside or outside. As small as any land you have, present the greenery at home.

In addition to the building, the interior has greater attention. Because in theory, the occupants spend 95% in the house. The Dream House is a cool and comfortable home. Provides a warm atmosphere as well as there is cool air flowing all the time.

Here are 9 inspiring home-based inspirations that many people TabithaEvansDesign.com version of France come from and can be your reference:

1. One story minimalist dream house

The one-story house is now quite rare, especially in Jakarta. Limited land area demands communities and developers to create high-rise homes. But that doesn’t mean that one-story house is no longer on the market. Still a lot of interest. The one-story house is usually suitable for the unmarried, elderly, or newlyweds.

The one-story house design is easier designed because the design elements that are noticed tend to be fewer. If you have a large size of land, this type of house is very suitable, as it can maximize as many areas as possible. Don’t forget to present the garden to make the house feel refreshed.

Tips from TabithaEvansDesign.com France: To make the front of the house look tall, bring the game a vertical line on the front-facing (facade) can give a level effect. Laying out wood partitions in a sloped position can help maintain the privacy of the occupants outside the home, but still, get enough exposure.

2. Two-story minimalist dream house

Two-story houses are found in clustered housing. This type of house is suitable for small families because the function of the room can grow as growing as the family personnel. The characteristic of two-story minimalist house is using concrete, following basic form (box-shaped), plain or without ornaments, and using a maximum of two combinations of materials.

His theory is a minimalist home using monochrome colored wall paint. If you feel that the white color is too plain, add wood materials or natural stone walls with a simple motif as an accent.

Tips from TabithaEvansDesign.com France: Having a two-story high-rise house is often hampered by budget. Do not worry, because the house can be made to grow. The tips are to consult your architect or designer to design a house foundation for two floors, even if the first floor was established. Make sure the layout and ladder layout can be developed shortly to increase the number of floors.

3. Modern Dream House

Modern home design is often paired with a minimalist home. Although it is justifiable, there is a striking distinction to separate between the two designs. Modern houses have a triangular roof shape, while the minimalist house is identical to the roof of a concrete (flat roof). The modern house has a good lighting source with large window applications.

Tips from the Arindra22.com United States: Deliver adequate windows or openings in your home, so that the circulation of air can flow well. Make sure your home’s wind points. Avoid placing a window on the wall facing the West, as the house will feel hot.

4. Dream House with unique façade

The home facade plays an important role in the image of a house. Facade display shows the inner character of the house even tastes the occupants. It is for the design of a modern house that has its own. The modern design of a house is seen as a façade.

The modern house façade often exhibits part of the house. This is due to the vivid and practical impression of a modern style. Therefore, the appearance of the material is considered as one of the essential conditions of creating a home façade.

Tips from Terate Decor Set Ideas United States: Customize your façade design with overall interior design. If you want to home with a profile, then you match the classic home design. While wanting a simple nuance, modern tropical houses or minimalist homes can be an option.

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