History of the Development of Indonesian Reggae Music

Tony Q rastafara

MJrasta.com – Indonesia is an archipelago country that has racial and religious sharing. Indonesia also has various genres that everyone likes, from Rock, Pop, Jazz, Keroncong, and others, and includes the music that we will review, Reggae music . 

In Indonesia, reggae music is music that is much loved by young people. A number of big cities already have a lot of music on this one. Because this music has santei’s tempo of peaceful lyrics and love-nature lyrics, there are some questions about love. 

Reggae bands appear, Tony Q, Steven n coconut trezz, Gangstarasta, Souljah, Ras Muhammad, Marapu, Burger Time, and many more you can download lagu in here!.

The increasing number of reggae events makes the committee even more troublesome to overcome the enthusiasts of Reggae music lovers. 

Development of Reggae Music in Indonesia
Around 1986, reggae music began to be announced in Indonesia. The band that started was Black Company, a band with the reggae genre. Then a few years later Asian Roots emerged which was a derivative of the previous band. Then there are also Asian Force, Abresso and Jamming. The existence of reggae music in Indonesia seems marginalized. Moreover, the impression that is obtained when someone sees the appearance of reggae musicians who seem miserable.

In fact, there are idioms which until now make it reggae identical to drugs. Is reggae synonymous with drugs? This is a misinterpretation. Just mention the name Tony Q who firmly states that his reggae is focused on peace. When judging from its history, it is identical to ‘ital’ – Marijuana – let’s say Petertosh Let Jah Be praised, Mystic man, Legalized it etc. What so glorifies marijuana as a tool for a rastaman united with Jah or their god. It is undeniable that this negative view of music. Actually it is not so that the rastafari movement is a large movement which consists of many sects and is not even binding, meaning that someone is free to determine his way of life but still recognizes Rastafari Makonnen as a new Messiah.

Even in Jamaica a Rastafarian is a true vegetarian. If a Peter Tosh or Bob Marley with marijuana-smelling lyrics is just because they find that this is the only road to their inner peace, besides italics and marijuana is an African culture which they think is something that must be embraced again. There is nothing in the teaching of rasta that requires marijuana. Or dread, it’s just a thought about embracing African culture that is considered low by white, and followers of this teaching want to prove that this culture is not low. 

Living now is how to follow your own culture in Indonesia, but for the taste of reggae music remains at heart.

The more reggae music lovers, then make reggae a quirky modern music. Bob Marley is indeed a mecca for reggae music. But musicians have to work more and don’t lose with the legenedaris. 

2013-2014 news
This is shocking information. That Indonesia apparently has the most lovers of reggae music. Because it was the biggest Jamaican music site. JamaicanSound. Had come in Indonesia to see Indonesia and make documentaries about developments in Indonesia. And they realize that Indonesia is more interested in Reggae music than at its birth, Jamaica.

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