Halsey raises the theme of problematic relationships in videos “without me”

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane aka Halsey, just released her latest video clip titled ‘Without Me‘ MP3 . In this video clip directed by Colin Tilley, Halsey underwent an unhealthy and overflowing relationship with a guy.

The alcoholic-induced violence, passion and bad decisions accompanied Halsey throughout the 3-minute 56-second video clip. Halsey, who appeared with the short pink haircut, sang emotionally through broken lyrics.

“I want to love hundred tries, just running from the demons in your mind, then I shop yours and made mine, I didn’t notice cause my love was blind,” said the lyrics.

Halsey’s romance ran aground, when her lover stole money from her, and was arrested by the police. You can watch Halsey fight in the dysfunctional relationship below.

‘Without Me’ is likely to be the next Hitsey candidate. Personally sound, BOP was said to have documented a ups and downs in relations with G-Eazy. So far he had sat in position # 2 iTunes and earned a large amount of streaming. The amount may swell with the presence of a music video for Halsey’s latest single.

Directed by Colin Tilley, the ‘Without Me’ video was inspired by Halsey’s love story, so it may be said that the clip carries a fairly biographical story concept. The impression is even more closely given that the model that became a star and the Halsey tandem in it also has a stature that looks a bit like G-Eazy.

With indications like this, don’t be surprised if fans really think that the clip really tells about G-Eazy and how his love affair is full of problems with Halsey. It’s just that the visuals for ‘Without Me’ are a bit dramatized to be more ‘rich’ in narration. How similar to the true story of Halsey and G-Eazy, of course, only the singer knows.

The single ‘Without Me’ was released on September 25th. This is the first single released by Halsey after releasing his second album, ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’, in June 2017.

“This single tells about questioning your goals and efforts in a relationship. It can be very confusing and tiring. But it’s important to know how valuable you are. This is a very honest song,” Halsey said in a release reported by NME, Tuesday (30/10 )

“And this song helps me to prove that I can still pour my feelings into a work of art. My music will always be the vehicle that brings my heart,” he continued.

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