Bali Vacation Tips

Bali is a small and beautiful island located in Indonesia. Being one of the most famous tourist destinations, Bali presents to its visitors the perfect blend of unique art, beautiful scenery and friendly people.

Stunning beaches, volcanoes, temples, and highly developed and diverse art forms provide a truly friendly environment and lots of charm. If you plan to visit Bali then don’t forget to follow the Bali Holiday tips below:

Before Travel:

The climate is tropical Bali but in the cool weather. In general, you can bring the items below:

Photocopy of passport and flight ticket
Indonesian phrase books to get used to important conversation phrases
Light summer clothes and some warm clothes
Light sweater or wind breaker
Rain and Umbrella Jackets
Swimsuit & eye patch
Comfortable shoes or sandals
Universal adapter if you have electronic products
Ear plugs
Medications for heartburn, stomach ache, insect repellent and after bites (also available locally).
International SIM if you have one

Entering Bali:

Make sure before entering Bali that your passport is valid for 6 months. Upon arrival you will get an embarkation / down card that must be filled in and stored carefully because you must show this card when leaving the country. Save your passport and photocopy your ID card at any time; You might need it anytime, anywhere.

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The basic unit of money in Bali is Indonesian Rupiah. You can easily exchange foreign currencies at major banks and official money changers. But do money exchanges in reputable locations. Make sure you are given the right rates and always count your money before leaving.

Credit cards and travel checks are accepted in almost all major places. But you have to save coins in rupiah. ATMs that are connected to major international networks also exist throughout Bali except in rural areas.


You can bring light casual clothes during your holiday in Bali. If you plan to spend time in the mountains, bring your warm clothes. You can find many stylish clothes in Bali too. Many tourists prefer to buy cotton batik clothes from Bali that are very comfortable to wear.

Drugs & Weapons:

All types of narcotics are strictly prohibited in Indonesia. You can bring maximum 2L alcohol, 200 cigarettes, 150 cigars or 100 grams of tobacco, and a reasonable amount of perfume. There are severe penalties for carrying weapons, drugs, or pornographic material.


Ensure your security wherever you go. Keep your suitcase locked even in a hotel room. Secure your valuables while traveling and in public places. Never leave your belongings unattended and carry all your belongings before leaving. Be careful when you cross the road.


It’s better to use personal insurance or travel insurance because it will protect you in the event of an accident. If you rent a car, make sure it is insured.


Respect local customs and traditions. Always use a sarong and sling when visiting a temple or attending a ceremony. Be careful that you do not walk in front of people who are doing religious offerings. Similarly, never point your camera at the priest’s face.


Many people plan their holidays in Bali to enjoy crystal water from its beautiful beaches. When swimming, always make sure that you don’t pass through a safe area or swim too far. Always swim between the red & yellow flag area. Place a lot of sun cream because the sun’s rays can be brutal.

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It is recommended to drink plenty of bottled water and eat lots of fresh fruit. Using disinfectants like Imodium will protect you from ‘Bali Belly’.

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