Bali Vacation And Things You Should Know Before Touring

Bali vacation perhaps is your plan several days ahead. But, it is important to check the useful list below before starting your tour. We have compiled some information for several travelers to avoid any classic mistake that will ruin your day. What you should do is scanning this page and takes five minutes to learn how to make yourself more prepared for your Bali full day tour.

Basic Bali Vacation Guide For Full Day Tour

First it is about how to get to Bali. You need VISA. There are 169 countries that can visit Bali without visa for 30-day of vacation or less. But, others need Visa On Arrival. It is also important to know about the weather. If you have a plan to go to Bali from October to April, it means you are visiting in the wet season. Meanwhile, if you go from May to September, your tour will be in the dry season. If you are asking the best time to go to Bali, we recommend you to start your vacation from May to August. In addition, there are special days you should know. Special days mean you cannot travel to Bali. It means you should not go there during Saka New Year or Nyepi that happens in March.

Getting Around

The second is how to get around. You can go around Bali by driving. Keep in mind that you are about driving on the left side, not the right side of the vehicle. Make sure that you have a good skill to deal with this regulation. Alternatively, you can go around by rentals. It means you can rent cars or motorbikes but you will need the international driver’s license. Otherwise, you can go with Blue Bird Taxi. Please note that the traffic in Bali is congested.

Third, if you want to stay safe in Bali, it means you should bring water anywhere you go. There is no potable tap water. Make sure that you are not bringing drugs because the penalty for anyone brings drug here is death. This is a serious regulation to consider. Other than that, you need to stay safe from monkeys. Therefore, you should wear minimum accessories in monkey forests and they are wild so do not feed them. The last is to always dial 110 for police or 11 for ambulance if you need emergency help.

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