Android application for IELTS listening Practice

IELTS Listening – With the development of the times, nowadays the public is getting easier. One of them is preparation such as the IELTS exam. The IELTS exam itself is an absolute requirement for those who want to continue their studies or work abroad. This exam is a benchmark for how good your English is. There are 4 sessions and one of them is IELTS listening.

The IELTS listening session itself can be said to be a quite difficult session because audio is only played once. Therefore, if you don’t practice much, it will be quite difficult to do it. One way to practice listening to IELTS is to do the questions. There are several android applications that you can use to practice IELTS listening for free, here are among them.

IELTS free skills
This one android application will help you in preparing various components of the IELTS exam, especially for IELTS listening. This application has lots of examples of interesting and interesting questions to discuss. Not only that, there are also exercises and other materials that you can learn here. You can also do exam simulations. You can even see your score at the end.

IELTS word power
This one application is also the right android application to study the IELTS exam. There are lots of IELTS listening, reading and writing practice questions that you can learn. But actually, the application made by British Council emphasizes the addition of new vocabulary. But, there is no harm in trying, especially free and easy to use.

IELTS flashcard
The next application that you can use to practice IELTS listening is IELTS flashcard. Uniquely, this one application has more than 2000 flashcard collections, quizzes, slide shows and many other features. Certainly, this one application is very interactive. That way, your learning method will be more effective, efficient and fun.

Essential IELTS
This one application is not only useful for IELTS listening exercises. More precisely, IELTS essential is specifically for those of you who need help reading and spelling with the right accents. Not only that, this one application also allows you to connect with other application users. That way, you can get IELTS tips and exam material.

IELTS test pro 2018
One more, application that helps you study IELTS listening, namely the IELTS test pro 2018. Even this one application has thousands of listening questions that you can learn. You can also try the same test exercises as IELTS questions in general. Not only that, this application will also provide progress on the results of your study. You can also chat with other application users to exchange ideas and discuss the problem.

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