7 Right Tips for Following PTE Tests

IELTS General or PTE tests are generally very frightening for most of all Indonesian people. Why is that? Because this type of test is known for its high level of difficulty. For that, for those of you who want to get the best PTE test results with the highest score, then try to follow some tips in taking the PTE exam at the bottom:

1. Get enough sleep
The first tips that you must do is take a break with enough time. In this case, be sure not to force yourself by learning excessively. Because in addition to making your mind even more chaotic, your body that should rest will work too hard and make it tired.

2. A little worried
For those of you who feel anxious, this is not what you have to worry about, the article is anxious itself can make you more alert, so you can think more clearly

3. Recognizing weaknesses and utilizing strength
The next tip you can do is to realize the weaknesses and strengths that you have. In this case, when you do the PTE test you should pay attention to which part of the general ielts you might understand more. Whereas for parts that you do not understand you can skip first, so the test time is not wasted.

4. Check the microphone
Checking the microphone is an important part that you must do. Especially for those of you who believe that the microphone used cannot function properly, so the failure rate during the PTE test is a risk that you must face

5. Pay attention to time
In PTE tests or general ielts there is not a lot of time to fill the questions casually, in this case you should not analyze each text that is overused. The reason is that it will only spend time to fill out various other test questions. So that of the many questions, you are generally only able to fill a small part.

6. Using a computer
PTE is done by computer facilities, so it can make it easier for you and certainly does not take too long. In addition, in completing the PTE test you can also summarize what you are aiming to write down the basic ideas. In other words, there is no need to write from the beginning but can shorten the answer with maximum results.

7. The use of headphones is not optimal
If you are used to listening to high-quality sound, then you will not be able to get it during the PTE exam. For those of you who want to get comfort even though the sound produced during the general or PTE exam is not as clear or as good as other sound quality, it’s good if you practice listening with the sound of the radio in the background, so you will get used to and understand every word or questions that are asked with more leverage.

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