5 Year Coloring book phenomenon

Coloring only for kids? Not anymore. Adults are currently avid coloring book pictures.

Carl G. Jung in the early 20th century was the first psychologist to apply relaxation techniques. But during 2015 coloring became a phenomenon.

As evidence, nine of the 20 best-selling books on Amazon are dominated by the genre of coloring books for adults. The same was the case at Booktopia, Australia’s largest online bookstore, which recorded tens of thousands of books sold in just a month.

“Sales in the past year (2014) not even exist (coloring book). So there is a huge increase, “said Head of Product and Chief Buyer Booktopia John Purcell.

Enter the mid-2015 Fever coloring book reaches the top. In Indonesia, American coloring books entitled Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest are two of the best-selling. The two books have sold 13.5 million copies in 50 countries.

Adult coloring books have a more detailed design than children. The larger the page number, the more complicated the image is to color.

Like the Secret Garden and the Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford, an illustrator from Scotland. Books that are USD20 or around Rp290 thousand have been translated into 14 languages worldwide. According to Basford, his second book was inspired by visits to his grandparents ‘ home in the Isle of Arran, Scotland.

About the process of creating such elaborate but beautiful illustrations, Basford narrating. Starting from a simple pencil sketch, it develops into a pen stroke and a large image ink.

“For me, the computer graphics feel cold and soulless. While the results of the hand image are able to capture the energy and characters that cannot be replicated by the pixels, “he explained.

This trend blast is not separated from the therapeutic effect contained in the coloring activity. The activity, according to Joel Pearson, a lecturer at the School of Psychology University of New South Wales, could be a stress-relief. Just like when playing Tetris games, make ceramics from clay or plasticine (wax toys).

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