3 Tips for Choosing Your Mother of the Bride Dress

As the mother of the bride, you might not have been looking for this important dress because of the dress you chose for your own wedding. The purpose of this dress is to make sure you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful all in a wedding arrangement.

Mother of the Bride Dress

Wedding Dress Code

You will want to wear something extraordinary just for you, but it must be an extraordinary dress for the wedding appearance too, as decided by the bride. I have heard a writer refer to the ‘appearance’ of marriage as a ‘wedding dress code’.

Often, you can get a good idea of ​​what your daughter wants you to wear by asking for photos of what she dreams of. Some brides definitely want the mother’s dress to be similar to the color of the wedding. Some brides are indifferent to this.

I personally think it’s a good idea to dress in at least a free color (not “matchy matchy”) from a wedding so it doesn’t stand out as a sore thumb in a wedding photo. Second, I also believe that mothers must adhere to the traditional ‘rules’ of fashion without black, white or red dresses. And finally, it’s best if the mother’s gown (bride and groom) are about the same length to look best in the photo.

So … where does this leave you with guidelines and choices? How do you decide which clothes are so important?

Season, Formalities, and Location of Marriage

First, there are times of the day and seasons of the year to consider. Both of these help significantly narrow your choices when you see the dillard mother of bride dresses. It is often important to think of a little future if you choose clothes several months (one season or more) in advance.

Weddings and seasons during the day have a series of politeness that is very different from formal night business. For daytime displays, you should wear lighter fabrics and colors, especially in Spring or Summer.

Formal evening weddings allow fabrics that are heavier and darker in color as well as sequins, rhinestones and other sparkling beads. Autumn and Winter colors and fabrics will also play with darker, warmer colors and slightly heavier fabrics. Formal dresses for all seasons can be floor length. Floor length is always in season when it comes to formal business.

Second, the location of the wedding can help determine your decision for your clothes. Is the marriage a destination wedding by the ocean or a wedding in the afternoon? Two very different choices for clothes, shoes and accessories. Will there be air conditioning for the ceremony and reception? This alone can make a big difference in your choice of dress. If the wedding is outside, the length of the tea may be the best so the dress does not hit the ground in the morning or evening dew.

Finally, the wish of the Bride will come into play. His desire, as we discussed earlier, can help guide you further as other factors are considered.

You look beautiful

In the end, the choice of dresses is about you looking amazing as the mother of the bride. Take the time you need to choose a dress that is not only in harmony with the wedding, but it is amazing to see YOU. This wedding day is a very special day for you too, and the photos will tell your story forever.

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